Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Nature Of The Beast

I wish I had a better camera…or my windows were clean,


because the pictures do not do the scene justice.

I had gotten the big girl off to school, the middle girl was still was still sleeping and the baby girl was all ready and waiting for her bus to pull up in the drive way.

CoCo and I were spending a few minutes hanging over the back of the couch watching our backyard menagerie peacefully enjoy their free breakfast together al la Mr. Sunday’s bird feeders. They were all there, Mr. Fatty Pants the squirrel who can reach the woodpecker food if he hangs upside down from Amélie’s bird house. Momma & Daddy Duck who’s babies haven’t arrived yet this year. Aunt Jackie, that’s what we call the cardinals around here…because she said that was how she was going to come back…her visits are always bitter sweet…but we are glad her spirit feels at home here. The Andy birds, they are the red-winged black birds who are always trying to pick fights with themselves in the reflection of our mirrored window film, silly birds. The sparrows, the bunnies the whole crew of gods various creatures gathered together enjoying each other’s company. The only critter missing from the party I thought was the doe with a broken leg and the vultures. That is, I thought…until…out of…NOWHERE appeared Boots, the black and white neighborhood momma cat…I mean APPEARED…out of NO-Freaking-WHERE! And pounced on a sparrow and trotted off to enjoy HER free breakfast under the big pine. Everyone else scurried, hopped, waddled off and flew away. And our version of the morning show came to an abrupt end.

CoCo and I booth gasped, turned to look at each other wide-eyed having just witnessed an assassination which had, to us…being all wrapped up in the beauty of the moment and all… popped up out of the blue! I froze there, eyes wide, mouth gaping wondering what the heck I tell my 4 year old murder witness. Finally, I shrugged my shoulders, made my *shit happens* face and said,030

“I am sorry honey, it “BE’S” that way sometimes.”

And it is, the nature of the beast, as my IRL friend  Diane would say.  Sometimes all the critters come together and co-exist for a while and sometimes, a cat just being a cat’s instincts kick in and everyone else is forced to take cover. Oh, well, we will have a front row seat for the second act when the vultures show up to to pick over the carcass.



Yum, dead Sparrow!

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