Monday, July 9, 2012

A new model of family… | The Adoption Counselor


Brenda McCreight

July 8, 2012

When is the adoption industry going to move beyond the notion that attachment is the key to everything? I mean really, the myth is perpetuated that once the child achieves the capacity to experience a reciprocal attachment relationship with the adoptive parents then there will be no further problems and the adoptive family will be no different than a genetic neurotypical family. Just look at the adoption conferences – the main topic is generally about attachment strategies. All the conferences and seminars I’m asked to speak at want something from me about how to facilitate and create attachment. How did we get to this place?

I mean really – yes, attachment is important because it means that parts of the child’s brain have developed physically to a point where relationships are possible. That’s good, even I can agree to that.  But —- the problem is that there’s a total denial about the incredible significance of factors that I think are vital.

A new model of family… | The Adoption Counselor

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