Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Runaway Who Didn't Run Anywhere

Reading The True Confesions of a Screwed Up Texan  reminded me of this one:

I am 11 and in 6th grade. It’s about 6:00 in the afternoon, early for my mom to be home. I walk in to my own house, a town house to be exact to find 2 police officers standing in my dining room with my mom. (I am sure WTF was not my actually reaction at the time, but you can bet that was what I was thinking!)

One officer asks “Are you Sunday Koffron?”

“Well… yeah”

He says

“You have been reported as a runaway, you need to come with us”

“I have been reported as a runaway? ....Ummm, but you ‘found’ me in my own home. That doesn’t even make any sense”

“You have been reported as a runaway, and you need to come with us”

“I am not going anywhere with you! Look …”

I say as I pick up the note from the kitchen counter. Right there under the phone, where one would expect to find such a note.

“I am at Tammy’s be back by 6:00. I went to school today, I got home at 3:00. I am now back at home at 6:00! So you are trying to tell me I ran away for 3 hours and you believe that!?”

Both of the officers are looking at each other confused.

“This is stupid! I am in my own house. I ran away for 3 hours? You find me at home? You really think I ran away? You guys are fucking idiots, I’m not going anywhere with you!”

And I find myself face down on the dining room floor with a knee in my back and cuffs on my wrists…



Okay - so let me get this straight - they ACTUALLY TOOK YOU?! WTF! How did they justify that? They should have taken whatever KOOK called you in as a run away. Tell me, what is that feeling like when you lose all rights and have no power at all?

Sunday Kofffon said...

LOL that Kook would be my mother. Yes they took me, at least until the judge or DA saw things my way and made her come get me. But she didn’t stop trying to get me locked up there! She was determined! The feeling like I had no rights or control pretty much felt like my entire childhood. I can’t say what that does to other people but it made me pretty damn angry!

Tammy said...

Why didn't they just walk across the street and ask me and my mom?? My mom would've been there...she was ALWAYS there...

Screwed Up Texan said...

Well that brought back some memories. stupid idiotic selfish "parents" and the idiots that believe them.

Sunday said...

Yes Allie, I was amazed when I read your story that my parents weren’t the only ones who pulled that stuff. It is amazing how it is so easy to “blame the child” and how many “sensible” adults fall for it, completely unquestioning it. So sad!

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