Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scratch and Stink

Laughing till I cry! Amélie holds up a sticker CoCo got at children’s and says “what does this say mommy?” “It says ‘scratch and sniff’ ”, as I am scratching and sniffing “I don’t smell anything” she takes it and scratches and sniffs it herself she says matter-of-factually “I smell something, it smells just like poop...!” “Um, how about you go wash your hands again baby?” I will say, I DID actually smell her hands, and they were fine, but it was that I thought of it that made me laugh so hard. Then trying to explain to Mad what was so funny, had us both dying…Amélie was NOT impressed with being laughed at…poop seems to be the new favorite word around here, thanks to CoCo. “No, YOU poop butt” (and were just happy she is using 4 word sentences…her speech therapy has proven to be WELL worth the effort)


Amy Koffron said...

Uncle Don says you can post any stories about him you want. Keep those Amelie stories coming.....that child makes me laugh til I'm sick sometimes.

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