Monday, June 13, 2011

Maddie's Poem 6 million

This is Madeline's narrative poem she wrote for her English class. She received a 12 out of 12 on it and her teacher asked if she could keep it as an example for a reference for future years.

6 million
Madeline Taylor

6 million killed,
6 million lied to,
6 million had the yellow patches,
6 million branded.

He though this was the solution,
To wipe out the Jews,
He honestly believed it would happen,
He wanted us gone, vanished, and killed.

Not only did he take the Jews,
He took the gypsies, gays, and injured,
Yet his target was still us,
The European Jews.

He was like Voldemort,
In charge, delusional, and convinced he would win,
His followers like the Death Eaters,
To scared to do anything but follow.

6 million were told to take showers,
6 million believed it was the truth,
6 million choked on gas,
6 million fell to the floor.

Some tried to hide,
They ran far and wide,
But not far enough,
Because when they heard the Nazi's knock they knew they were done, dead, and their dreams demolished.

But the war finally ended,
So the killing came to a stop,
But the wounds were already made,
Permanently etched into graves.

So let us never forget,
The 6 million killed,
The 6 million lied to,
The 6 million that had the yellow patches,
The 6 million branded.

Madeline Taylor© 2011


[edited to add that this post was written by Madeline Taylor, with my approval!]

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