Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Circle: The Talk


We told him it's okay to feel the feelings that will come up.. he can be angry, sad and happy, reiterating as we always do that it's not their fault.  Their mom loves them dearly she just can't keep them safe.  We talked about me being adopted and my family, as well as their older brother (9 year old "Freckles") and what it all means.

Full Circle: The Talk August 6, 2011

I meant to link to this post a week ago when Melissa first posted it…I think it goes a long way in explaining the complexity of emotions that surround foster care adoptions. And ya’ll know I DO support adoptions from foster care, and the amazing parents who work hard to help their kids through a sometimes ruthless system, and lasting losses.

But today I am linking to this post because last week Melissa was blogging about The Talk and loss and today. She tweets:

fullcircle_melMelissa@FullCircle - Headed to the mortuary to make arrangements for my beautiful husband's services. Pls say a prayer for all of us-Is this really happening?!

Life can change on a dime. If you are the praying type please remember Full Circle Mel and her family today.

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