Monday, April 18, 2011

Hard Hard-Wired For Empathy?


I thought I would share this very cool video about empathy that I saw over at welcome to my brain:

Thank you Christine.

I think it is interesting that the narrator points out that if our empathic nature is repressed, by our parenting, education our business practices, our governments the secondary dives come in to play the narcissism, materialism, violence and aggression set in.

I find the whole discussion interesting because I have often mused that my childhood, my life and my family relationships would have been much easier if I had been able to suppress my natural empathy, and adapted to my familial core nature of materialism, narcissism and latent aggression. I truly was not equipped to fit in or succeed in my family of origin. As an adult, a wife, a mother and friend I have to say I am glad that I never have and at this point probably never be the person I would need to be to in order to truly be a part of that family.  I am grateful today that I have never lost my sense of empathy, justice and fair play.

Some clubs are not worth the price of admission.

Now this club was totally worth the $5 cover charge. 


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