Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Am I Anyway

There is a doctor around here who has making news recently; It is actually a amazing story…wife finds her husband a live kidney donor on FaceBook…how cool is that? But that is not what draws me to the story…the doctor who did the transplant is…a Dr. A. Koffron. No I don’t know him that is the thing…should I?

It is a funny thing to not know who you are. I mean, yes I am indeed Sunday Marie Koffron Taylor, daughter of Robert Koffron and Linda Andrews or should I say Jacqueline Jean Lessard, my mother’s original pre-adoption name?

Koffron is a very uncommon name around these parts, and until this doctor made news by coming here form Iowa a few years ago to set up a new transplant center, my direct relations were the only Koffrons in the state.

The only DNA Koffrons we have ever known personally are, my grandpa, my dad, my brother, my sister and myself. That is it.

There is of course the my little step-brother who legally changed his last name to Koffron when he turned 18, and his step-son who had his named changed when my (s)brother married my sister in law, and obviously she and their daughter are Koffron now too. They are family but not related. That’s not what I am talking about.

By blood. Decedents. Koffrons.

My grandpa’s family is almost as much of a mystery as my mom’s, but at least he because he wasn’t adopted, he had access to his original birth certificate, and some information so someday I may be able to track our Koffron family tree to our family back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he was born and lived with his grandparents before coming here in his youth.

My grandpa only recorded the branches of our Koffron family tree back to Lewis Edward Koffron (September 26, 1893 died Aug 1975) and Anna Lehrman (December 29, 1898 died Jan 1979), their sons Raymond Charles (My great grandfather October 29 1900 or 01), his brothers Karl (July 13, 1904) and John (January 4, 1904), my grandpa, Robert John (August 1922), my dad Jr., my brother, my sister, and myself, and our children. That is it. That is all I’ve got.

Well, and a couple of very likely cousins that we are just beginning to learn about. But how cool would it be to know more and to have more family out there, to know our own family story, to know where we came from?

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