Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

On the wrong foot and between the wrong toes

The old man is snoring

He went to bed

And bumped his head

And he couldn’t get up in the morning

A girl and her frog

Somehow, even as a very little kid, I assumed that the old man had been drinking and bumping his was just an excuse to sleep it off. I wonder what that says about me.

My girls are having a great time “saving” frogs today.  You know from the pond and swamp that they naturally live in, by moving them to the plastic sand box.

Super frog saving girls

Feel free to make your own analogies/comparisons if you’d like.

We have  been clear that once they are done “rescuing” the frogs that they have to be returned to where they found them. Love

Wild things deserve to be left in their natural habitat.


Ahh, but look at the satisfaction that rescuing the ‘poor’ frogs gives them.

Suicide Frog

I had to intervene before this one took a header off the little table, after he climbed out of the bucket.

I was very nervous for the frog.



I have been suspecting for a while that we should add sensory issues to the list of CoCo’s quirks.

Today she kept sitting down on the wet grass to remove her '”Slip-Plops” and brush the dirt off the tops of her shoes and bottoms of her feet.

Ever notice, if there is a camera - Amélie  is looking at it?

At that rate, it could prove to be a very long summer.

I felt so bad for her, I had to go track her down some Wellies, so she could keep her little souls clean.  (They will be far more comfortable when she wears them on the wrong feet.)


Yep, that is Mr. Sunday, home during the week.  It is kind of one of those good news bad news things.  We all miss him so much when he is gone.

Those girls are going to sleep well tonight, two showers, three changes of clothes and a pair of puddle jumpers later. 015

I would say, “come on May flowers” but I am just now beginning to enjoy April.

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