Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today, I Start My Old Koffron Family Traditions Anew

027We did something we have never done in my house before.






That’s right, we colored Easter eggs.







The two little ones were so excited.








This one was not so sure….  She was hurt.  We are doing what?  Why, we have never done this before?  Why NOW? (Why when they are little and not for me when I was little?)

I told her that I owed her an apology.  I was wrongheadedly attempting to save her some huge future disappointments by keeping the things she could lose to a minimum.


I have realized that I was making a mistake, that while I was narrowing the list of  things she could miss, that could be taken away, I was depriving her and her sisters of fond memories, they could look back on and family traditions that they could pass on.  Like the ones my parents gave us, before the bottom fell out, and narcissism, jealousy, dishonesty and revenge became more important than 

046 family, traditions and children’s souls. 

That is one family tradition I am not willing to continue today.   There will be colored eggs, stickers, new beginnings  and the sounds of three sisters laughing today.  




Today, we start our old Koffron family traditions anew.

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