Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is My 5 Year Old Money Laundering?

I ran a crossed this when I was hanging up clothes in Amélie’s closet the other day… oh, that girl is gonna be a challenge.


“Hey, Amélie, what’s this about?”

“I was trying to hide my money from CoCo.”

“But WHERE did you get it?”

“It just appeared there…”

“I think maybe it was Maddie’s babysitting money. Is it?”

“Yes, I think I saw her put her money in my room” Huge innocent grin.

“Maddie, did you put your money in your sister’s room.”

Laughing, “No!”

See what I’m saying? What do you do with a child who is so adorable and charming that even her big sister can’t be mad at her even after she realizing that she stolen her money? What do you do with a teen who thinks that the way to keep her money is crumbled up in wads on her bedroom floor? And do you say about a 5 year old who is laundering money?

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