Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mean Girls

Teens! This weekend my daughter (a high school freshman) was with a group of girls and one was spreading a rumor that another girl in (being ostracized from) the group had had 2 abortions. When I got wind that this conversation had taken place I was stunned and furious! I asked my daughter about it, she said that yes, her friend did say it…but that people had been saying it for a “long time”.

I told my child that saying, repeating or even listing to rumors like that was just plain wrong whether it was true or not. That I am confident in this case it is not. That if somebody did happen to get a high school freshman pregnant it was a CRIME…illegal and that person could/should be in jail. That needing to have an abortion in high school would tragic, and is something that would affect someone for the rest of their life. And any girl who had actually had such a heartbreaking experience deserved compassion, not scorn. Getting pregnant as a teen is something that can and does happen, even to the “best” of girls, that they should all be careful of throwing stones because we never know what mistakes are coming our way, or what tough choices we may have to make. That these kind of rumors are the kind of thing that could push a kid over the edge, how well everyone who started, told or listened to this rumor or one like it going to feel when they hear that the real person behind it gave up one day and hanged themselves in their closet? And last but not least – since that was the 3rd rumor-ish mess from this particular “friend” over the weekend, she had best believe that when your “friends” show the viciousness they are capable of rest assured, you are not exempt. It is just a preview of what can happen to you.

I am so bothered by the whole thing…I hope my child understands the gravity of the situation. I can’t imagine being THAT girl right now…or her mother. I just don’t feel like I said or did enough…

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