Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foster Care Youth/Alumni:

"We are each/all guilty of one thing: being born into families that were troubled. Amidst that indictment, we have found the strength within ourselves/one another to survive that sentence and fight for better supports to strengthen our younger brothers and sisters. Let's continue to Press on." ~ Lisa Dickson
Lisa posted that as her status tonight and I was so moved I just had to share it.  

We were not born in to the same family.  Our  parents, natural families, judges, lawyers, attorneys and social workers  threw us together.  

In the houses of strangers, and the halls of intuitions we became family, together we can make a difference for those too young to stand up for themselves.
The shame of inadequacy does not fall on us.

 Lets stand together and be proud.  

Let us not be survivors of the system.

 Lets us be Victorious.  


Lisa said...

Many thanks, Sunday -- just added you to my blog roll.


Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

That is great Lisa, I appreciate it. I really admire how you stay so positive. You are doing great work with foster care advocacy, and uniting foster care alumni.


I wish I could be so positive. Life is giving me a run for my money lately.
What I do like about this post is that adorable photo. Love Love Love it!

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Jump Off, things can only get better.

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