Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Children Are Not Resilient

Kids are not resilient. They have short attention spans. That is why they can get bad news and then walk away and continue playing with their friends, that and the fact that their experience doesn’t allow them to fully appreciate the ramifications of life changes. They are easily distracted and inexperienced, not resilient.

When you hear the term “children are resilient”, you can bet either somebody is dead, which can’t be helped, or some adult is about to heap a load of crap on them and expect them to deal with it. Adults will do this pretty much guilt free, after all kids are so resilient.

Divorce sucks for kids, that is all there is to it. Divorce is the other event that prompts adults to sit around, shake there heads and say thoughtfully “but kids are so resilient.” No really, they are not. Attorneys and lawyers represent adults in a divorce, the job of each attorney/lawyer is to serve and protect the interest of their client (adults) respectively.  Thier job is to leave the other party (parent) with as little as possible. What effect does this have on the kids? Who cares....they are resilient.

Sometimes divorce is inevitable, necessary for the protection of children, like in the case of physical abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction  or maybe criminal conduct. What about when a spouse cheats you may ask, “what about that?” Is sore pride and a bruised ego are worth laying ruin to the lives of your children? Oh, yeah, they are resilient, right? Sometimes adults feel unappreciated, unfulfilled, like they deserve more, something is just not fair, well…grow up, and be more resilient.

Kids Don’t “Bounce Back”  @ adoption.com

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