Sunday, September 26, 2010

Financial Advice From a Two-year-old

My youngest CoCo (2 1/2) has some speech issues, apraxia, dispraxia, childhood aphasia, what ever, nobody seems to know exactly what the problem is, they are just pretty sure that she has one.
Anyway she gets a hold of a word of phrase and uses it for everything (Echolalia).  For a while it was “No, poop-butt” 
CoCo, do you want some milk?”
“No, poop-butt” (as she is holding out her hand and shaking her head 'Yes!')
“I want juice, no poop-butt”
I assume it started because I would ask her if she “had a poopy butt?” she has moved on now she is saying “I hate____, no I love _____”
“I want, I hate grapes, no I love grapes”
“I hate Mommy, no, I love mommy”
“I hate dogs, no, I love dogs”
Yesterday she started answering every thing I asked her with “Rob a bank.”
“Are you hungry CoCo?”
“Rob a bank, Momma”
“Is that good Coco?”
“Rob a bank, Momma”
Either, at two years old she has a far better understanding of the recession and our resulting financial situation then I could ever imagine and she is giving me her best advice… “Rob a bank, Momma”.  Or she is saying something else completely and I just don’t get it.  I guess we will be using the ATM until I figure it out.


Amy Koffron said...

I miss her little quirky "Auntie Amy, poop-butt!" Usually, I can fetter out what she might be saying..........but, I'm clueless on this one. At, any rate, don't DO IT!!! LOL ;)

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

No, seriously…I do not miss “Poop Butt” at all.


How can you stand from not busting your last stich open every time this little angel opens her mouth?! Great stories. I hope you keep a baby book for her.

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Between Amélie and CoCo, I stay pretty entertained, that is for sure.

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