Thursday, February 10, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

  • I am that person who gets her self stuck in a snow bank at the end of her own drive way. 
  • (Have I ever mentioned that I am a single mother 5-6 days a week?) 
  • I had to dig my self out boo-hoo. 
  • I am woman hear me roar! 
  • Another positive aspect of having my parents as parents and going to foster care,  I have a lot of practice digging myself of whatever shit I have gotten myself into.
  • Thanks guys.
  • Well and isn’t that what we want for our kids anyway – independence?
  • Luckily chatty elderly neighbor pulled up to bask in the glory of my ineptness lend moral support.
  • No pressure.



  • Mad went to her high school orientation tonight. 
  • She is highly disappointed that her school doesn’t have a debate team.
  • I have no idea where she got her healthy love of spirited discourse.
  • I was looking forward to a break, she has honed said arguing skills on guess who?
  • And damn she IS good.
  • She signed up for diving, gymnastics, soccer and softball...
  • We’ll see.
  • Amélie says, “I want a drink”. I say, “go get me your cup…”  “why can’t you just go get it for me?”  “because I am not here just here to serve you”  “well, I WISH you were”  “Ha, I bet you do!”
  • Now that CoCo is potty trained she insists on dressing in the style of Porky Pig.
  • Free at last, free at last…
  • I’m not complaining.
  • It has cut way down an the amount of laundry I have to do.

Tha,Tha, that’s all folks!

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