Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am so tired of my plumbing…not that plumbing or that plumbing
This time it is the kitchen sink. Don’t fret I fixed it…for now.
Last time this happened I was catering a graduation party for 65 people without running water in my kitchen.
I had to wash my utensils in the shower (not those utensils) – joy.
I will never do that again.

Mad had two snow days which means I get to sleep in while she entertains her sisters.
That is a benefit to having kids 7 years apart.
Not for her, for me.
They had snow days Monday and Tuesday they were supposed to go today and have Thursday and Friday off.
Now she is sick.
I went out for “coffee” with friends.  (green tea actually I am off the junk)
I cheated. ..Not that cheated.
Monday night we had a staff meeting at the gym after work.
It was late.
I was tired.
I ran to 7/11 and got a big gulp.
I swear I only put a SHOT of regular Diet Coke in with my caffeine- free Diet Coke.
I was up ‘till 4 am.  That never happened when I drank the stuff like it was water.
Cheaters never win.

Last Tuesday Amélie broke out in some atrocious hives.
Then I got called into work, so I had to rush her into the doctors, rush to the pharmacy, and rush to the gym –Late
and with the kid in tow.
Today at exactly 5 O’clock she says, “My ear hurts.”
The crying commenced at exactly 5:10pm.
I hit it with both barrels, Motrin and Tylenol
Off to urgent care we go...
Unfortunately we were not alone.
Our secret somehow got out and while the flu is going around at that.
Good thing Amélie miraculously felt good enough to dance around the lobby.
3 hours later when the Dr. finely shows up I say
“She had better have an ear infection after we have been here this long”
“Oh, yeah that ear is infected all right!” she assures me.
I told Amélie the Dr. was probably just covering for her and that I should grab that scope and have a little look see for myself.
“Well mom, that thing is what doctors to use to do their job – not for gymnastics coaches”

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