Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Washington’s Real Birthday

Daddy's girl“I was born on Washington’s actual birthday” is what my father always says.
Today was my dad’s birthday. If we were on speaking terms it would have totally slipped my mind and I would have completely forgotten it all together. But we are not and I didn’t. Instead I felt like I was supposed to do something all day.
I was done with the lies, jumping threw hoops, walking on eggshells and playing the game that was my decision. So, He said he was “done” with me(again). That was his decision.

I didn’t send a card, I didn’t text, and I didn’t call. We didn’t go out for dinner, I didn’t make or buy him the traditional strawberry rhubarb pie, just like his mother and grandmother used to make. Nothing… But I am used to that.

It is what it is.

“Done” or not, he will always be my dad and I hope he had a Happy Birthday.

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