Friday, February 4, 2011

My "Whatever" "Mother" on BlogTalk Radio

You may want to take a moment to listen to Ms. E Heart’s BlogTalk Radio program regarding foster care disruptions and the impact of foster care in general. 

If you can manage to get through the beginning of the show with some disruptions and an echo (it only lasts a few minutes), you will hear my “real”, “natural” whatever – mother (Linda) talk about her own experiences in foster care.  Also Ms. E talks very passionately about her frustration with dealing with the system as a foster/adoptive parent and therapist.

Listen to internet radio with Ms E HeartLady on Blog Talk Radio
And yes in case you are wondering that is me she is referring to.  While she has profound insight into her own plight and challenges, she has a knack for saying all the right things. She is an experienced speaker and master story teller.  And she is a therapist after all.  But the jury is out in my mind about what she had to say about me and about her parenting.  On one hand that is close as I have ever heard her come to implying that she had not taken care of her responsibilities to us, but I am not sure if she really believes that or if that had more to do with that she knows that I know Ms. E and that Ms. E knows me and my story so her usual spin wasn’t gonging to get her very far?  Maybe it just worked for her in the context of that situation?

What ever the case, I am glad that she is attempting to be respectful and supportive of me and my right to tell my story, even though she may not be overly happy about it.   

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