Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger: To Tell Truth - Please Stand Up - Stats

Search Key words

Search Keywords

sunday koffron blogspot (112 Xs since I began my blog)

blue koffron

sunday koffron 


foster kids detachment

i cant stand foster kids

my life in foster care and orphanges.com

taylor laugner penis

Blogger: To Tell Truth - Please Stand Up – Stats

Every once in a while I check out my blog stats, sometimes it is a kick to see what words of phrases people searched that led them to my site. This is what I saw when I looked today. Some are amusing, some slightly disturbing and one confusing.

sunday koffron BlogSpot (112 times since I began my blog) – Really? I have only written about 150 posts since I started my blog in was it in August? Since they are not just searching for Sunday Koffron, but rather Sunday koffron BlogSpot, they obviously know I have a blog. Right? Why not just bookmark it? Add it to your favorites? Now I realize that I may NOT actually be a favorite of whoever is searching for Sunday koffron BlogSpot. I dare say they may even, very likely see me as more of a redheaded step-child, if you will. I am just saying, if you want to keep in such constant contact with my every thought and word, why not just bookmark my site, better yet subscribe by email and make things that much easier for yourself?

blue koffron – ?

sunday koffron - this I get.

adoptee – that too.

foster kids detachment – Yep that as well

i cant stand foster kids – Seriously? You hate foster kids? I hope that isn’t a foster parent, is all I have to say about that one

my life in foster care and orphanges.com – I’ll go with that, it makes sense.

taylor laugner penis – now you all know I just HAD to Google that one myself.  For research purposes, ya know. Yep there I am, 6th on the page. I have no idea who would be looking for Taylor Lautner's penis or why they would think I had it…but there you go…life is strange. Maybe there are only 6 degrees of separation between me and Taylor Lautner's penis?

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