Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jiggle Dance

Those of you who follow me on FaceBook or Twitter may have seen my 2 am-ish post asking what the heck was banging around in my attic. I got lots of great guesses, ghosts, the wind, benign trolls and my niece claimed it was her. But if you guessed:


You were right, that is him, our uninvited guest.  If you know me and my attachment “issues” you know I was seriously trying to figure out how we could all cohabitate. He was so cute the my girls wanted to keep him, alas Mr. Sunday and common sense prevailed and he went for a little ride in the wee hours of Monday morning, the way I hear it he took off running as fast as he could…right back in the direction of our house. If he shows back up around here I may just think it was meant to be.

Of course I tell a neighbor about our uninvited house guest, and she says, “you should have borrowed our trap, my husband catches them all of the time. He just takes them back by the pond and lets them go.” Any guesses about where ‘out back by the pond’ is? Ding, ding, ding…MY. BACK. YARD.


Did anybody else catch The 10th Anniversary Concert performance of Les Misérables at London's Royal Albert Hall on PBS?

CoCo le miz

Yep, that is what ‘CoCo’ (our Cosette) thought about it. She was is yelling “I can’t hear you.” the whole time.


Apparently CoCo has special powers that enable her to put marker all over her face.

She’s Got The Power–It’s getting, It’s getting, It’s getting of hectic (jiggle dance)

But don’t worry, she can turn them off.

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