Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colds and Conversations

017At work tonight every one of my kids showed up with runny red nose - that is except for the one with the strep skin infection. (It was covered and she had been on antibiotics since Thursday...but still.) Yuck!

I called my husband on the way home a little miffed that he hadn’t called me at all yesterday, what’s up with that?


“Yeah, what was that about?”

“Um…Honey…today is Monday…I was home, with you all day yesterday…”

“Ooohh! Never mind”

I got home to find MY two little ones with runny red noises. Mad and I got ours over the weekend. CoCo was absolutely bouncing off the walls, which is typical for the nights I work. She has to make up for all of the attention she missed while I was gone.

I was sitting on my bed trying to get some quick reading in with Amélie and CoCo was not wanting any of it. She kept jumping on my lap and trying to knock her sister off of the bed, just a generally needy mess. Finely I told her that she either had to lay down quietly here, in my bed or she would have to go lay down in her own bed. She was very hurt but she laid her head down on the pillow, pulled the cover up and looked up at me with her very sad, and sickly eyes and said,

“Take care of me”

To which Amélie said, (and I am quoting verbatim)

“CoCo, you never have to worry, our mommy will never fail to take care of us.”

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