Monday, March 28, 2011

The Life of a Mom

amelie tutu

This morning somebody had thrown all of the clean clothes onto the living room floor and was using the laundry basket as a stable for their horses.

I said to Amélie, “I need you to take those horses out of the laundry basket and put the clothes back in.”

“I didn’t take them out. Why don’t you make CoCo do it?”

“She is sleeping and she is too little any way.”

“That is not fair!”

“Now you see how Maddie feels when she has to clean up messes you have made, just because she is older.” Says Mr. Sunday.

I say, “We are a family, and that is what families do. We help each other out and we do things for each other when the other can’t do it for themselves. You are too little to wash your clothes, wash the dishes or make your own meals so I do that for you.”

“You don’t feed me – dad does!”

Did you hear that ya’ll? I don’t feed her dad does? See how that works?

Those of you who know me in real life or who follow my blog regularly may realize Mr. Sunday works out of town. Mr. Sunday is home two days at a time. One of those days I get up early and go to work, the other, I sleep in and lounge around like a slug. He lives in a hotel with grown-ups, he goes to work, makes his microwave meals, reads the paper, and watches his coveted Jeopardy IN silence. I don’t begrudge him this…MUCH.

Today is a rare occasion where he is home on a Monday, I slept in and he drove Mad to the bus stop and toasted Ms. Amélie a bagel. And just like that…dad does EVERY thing all of the time.

Too bad I’m not more like Dad.

C'est la vie!

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