Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Forgot to Give This Post a Name!

Monday - I returned from work to discover CoCo had a bad case of baboon ass (diaper rash).  Why haven’t I potty trained that baby already?  She is not ready, wants nothing to do with the potty.  I think we are getting closer to some forward progress though, because she has decided she wants nothing to do with wearing dirty diaper either.  I am now living on high alert.  If I am not careful, I find a bottomless messy baby who refuses to tell me where she hid the evidence.

Tuesday – either it was uneventful or it was so traumatic I blocked it out, you choose. 

Wednesday - I had my BlogTalk Radio debut with Ms. E from For a Child’s Heart.  I think it went well enough for my first attempt to talk publically about my foster care experiences.  My Husband Jim listened from his hotel room in Columbus; he said I was a little soft.  I think he is more use to my tough confident self, not my nervous oh, shit my mom is going to listening to this self.  My n-mom did listen the next day, and she called to say that she thought I did a good job, that she thinks what I am trying to do is important, whether or not it makes her uncomfortable.  I appreciate that. 

Thursday - Ammé knocked over a lamp and broke the CFL bulb that was in it, creating a hazmat situation in out TV room, and an anxiety attack for mommy. (See below for the EPA’s cleaning instructions for a broken light bulb.)  or here the EPA

Friday - I was already asleep by the time Jim got home from Columbus.  He came home because he couldn’t bear the thought of not taking the kids trick or treating. What can I say we all have our priorities…  I t is good to see him; I am not cut out to be a single working mom.   

Saturday – Jim took the kids out to breakfast, and shopping for costumes.

Sunday – Jim took the kids to the cider mill.  CoCo discovered her new passion for throwing fresh hot doughnuts in the creek…feeding the “ducks” and “horse”.  Mad managed to lose the zebra ears she had bought less than 24 hours ago, and decided that she would rather go trick-or-treating with her friends then her dad and sisters, no go says daddy… CoCo got all mad at me because I accidently called her a cow, “not COW MOM, Inef-a-nent!  AMMMM-MMMEEE COW!”  Well, sorry baby, mommy gets confused.  They were only gone about 40 minutes when a neighbor scared the mess out of Ammé and she ran all the way home with another neighbor and Mad chasing her, and Jim carrying CoCo bring up the rear.  

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