Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Competition for Mom For The Year

I am feeling better about my chances thanks to this post: From Stark Raving Mad Momma Who Buys Their Kids Those Bratz Costumes
and this clip from The Talk.

Sometimes I really wonder what people are thinking.  A quick search of the Vancouver area popped up several actual gymnastics facilities that these moms could drop their kids off at rather than letting them get in a good work-out at their pole dancing class. Then go explore their inner slut out of the eyeshot of their kids.  

Maybe I have it all wrong, but I would see my kid swinging from a pole as a parental failure.  

Nothing says “Make me a grandma by 35” like signing your 10 year-old for pole dancing class!  

Oh well, I guess this way mommy can spend baby’s collage fund on hairdos, manicures and body waxing.  



This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I follow politics closely! People can be so darn stupid. Sex burns calories too, and can give you a work out, but I wont be signing my kids up for that!
So - what does a pole dancing "recital" look like? Proud grandparents taking photos and sharing them at church?
How about the pole dancing competitions? Hmmm...wonder what the outfits look like?
I guarantee you, the men in the audience, and some of the women, if not all, are looking at these little girls in a sexual way if they are doing anything on a (stripper) pole - no matter what you call it.
Comparing this to gymnastics is like comparing drinking milk to drinking the hard alchoholic drink, "Sex on the Beach"! It's all liquid isn't it?!
Whata Buncha Boneheads.

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Thank you JumpOff, so, I’m not just a prude. I think stripping is a seriously changeling career, that does take a ton of strength and talent…yes, I SAID talent. It has put food on the table since the beginning of time I would imagine. But…I had always assumed that intentionally setting your child on the path to the pole would be a big parenting No, No.

Just Me said...

Okay - I'm not a mother... but even I know that pole dancing is not for children. If you're an adult and you want to take pole dancing classes then please do - without your children present.

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