Monday, May 2, 2011

The Final Maze: Kicking a Foster Kid When She is Down

She is at it again.  This time FosterAbba has decided to contemplate if a fellow foster care alumnus blogger would be better off dead:

But I look at her suffering now, as an adult, and it seems so extreme.  It's clear LT suffers immensely, and I sometimes wonder if the system would have been kinder not to intervene, and to let her die as a child, than to put her through that horror, only to subject her to even more emotional neglect, physical abuse and trauma as she was bounced around the foster care system.
Is she better off for having been "saved" by the foster care system?
I can't answer that question for LT.  She's the only person who can measure the value of her own life.  What I can say, though, is that I see many kids who are failed by the foster care system, and a lot of unnecessary suffering.
So if there wasn't a foster care system, and the government didn't get involved in people's personal lives, what would happen?
Sure some kids would die.  But they are already dying.


Needless to say LT is very hurt and I am appalled! But at least this time she had the decency to create a link to LT’s blog, but I suppose that served her agenda. That is how those personalities operate.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I can’t stand bullies. I feel a very strong kinship to my fellow foster care system survivors, fvck with them and you fvck with me. She has gone too far with this one and it is inexcusable.

Only a bully would call someone out by name in a post, and then moderate their comments and not answer emails from the subject of your public wonderings.

Sometimes she is so over-the-top I feel like we are all being punked, and the joke is on us. Sometimes with the way she is always talking about being investigated my CPS and how she is sure she will be again, I think she really hopes they will come take her crappy child away so she can wash her hands of the whole mess of the adopting a kid thing. She just wants it to be clear it is not her fault, it is the system’s because the kid would have been better off dead anyway.

  I left her this comment, which she may or may not publish:

I do not say this lightly…that you as a Jew would publically contemplate the ‘value’ of another human (by name no less)/ or class of humans (foster children), and that you, as a Jew would argue that maybe others should just stand by inactive and mute to the suffering, torture and deaths of other human beings, because they would be left living with pain and trauma, I find disgraceful and embarrassing. I guess when you said in that post that you had lost your religion, you were not kidding.

By your faulty reasoning they allies should have just left your/our people in the concentration camps and let the Nazis sort them out to save them from the pain of PTSD and the shame of their tattoos or whatever burden you feel makes a life not worth living or saving.

For someone who is always carrying on about “internet bullies”, it is amazing how well you fit the bill. Calling out an obviously struggling, occasionally suicidal 20 something year old that was just hit a car, and implying that she is better off dead is certainly kicking some while they are down. I find it even more disturbing that you included your own adopted child who lives in your home in the in the maybe better off dead category. That is a bit scary.

I truly hope you seek some help, as from your writings you are clearly very disturbed and suffering from some kind personality issues/disorders yourself.

Feel free to pack up that defective child who has failed to fulfill your needs and send her my way, I value all human life equally.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Let us never forget.

Now I need to wash my hands of FosterAbba and be done with her mess.  I am done feeding into Foster Abba’s nonsense, or giving her the attention she obviously, so desperately craves.

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