Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sun, Fun and Ice Cream

I think we can add sunscreen to the list of things that break Amélie out in hives. Thankfully she has Mr. Sunday’s coloring, Miss CoCo is not so fortunate.


Grateful to see the sun at last, my little girls have been outside from sun up to sun down.


CoCo likes to make shadow hand puppets, she is pretty clever.


Can you hear Amé screaming for CoCo to get out of the umbrella from there?


They are sisters… best friends. They will leave an indelible mark on each other’s lives…
And backs apparently.
The ice cream man came by the other day.
In Mr. Sunday defense (I suppose) I have a lot of shirts that color that I wear coach in.

So, Mr. Sunday asked me, “who took the picture?”

Um, so those of you who know me in real life probably have no idea why I was aghast. Bless her sweet heart my neighbor has 20 years and several a few dress sizes on me and the obvious my hair is RED! But that’s ok, I’m just gonna tag him as the stud with the plumber’s crack and knee socks. I am sure his high school sweethearts on FaceBook will be kicking themselves over what could have been all theirs. Right?


“Don’t touch my hair!”


This made me think of LT, I hope she is feeling better!

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