Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mad’s Poem about Coco


Rosy cheeks flush in the warmth
Her chubby legs move quickly and unevenly
Trying to keep up with her mind
Her head up with determination
Blue eyes shining like jewels
Her dimples flash as she smiles bright like Sirius in the night sky
Though they disappear when you say "good night"
Her cute button nose sits in the middle of her round face
Her short blonde curls bounce as she walks
Her words not always clear, sometimes squished together
Her giggles fill the air as her sister chases her around the well kept yard
She teeters on her feet and falls
Salty tears stream down her face, but stop as soon as they start
She looks and acts an average three year old
You would never guess her disabilities

And neither would she

Madeline Z. Taylor ©2011


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