Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What about U.S.?

Another illuminating post by Malinda AdoptionTalk: "Get out of my way, I'm entitled to adopt!"

"Those 100,000+ foster kids are waiting for ya'll to get as excited about adopting them as ya'll are about protecting your rights to adopt ANYONE but them!

Um, yeah, as an American Foster Care Alumni, I definitely would have preferred my life in foster care over being shipped out of my country, no matter how much junk my new family could have bought me or how much they loved me. I'm so glad you asked since US foster kids seem to be the last thing on the majority of perspective adoptive parents minds!"

"Another thought: I wonder if the 100,000+ children eligible for adoption in the American foster care system would recommend permanent foster care as preferable to adoption."
a commenter asked",
I said:

...On the other hand maybe the Swiss would be willing to take some of our foster kids, since they seem to be the last thing on the minds of most of the Perspective Adoptive Parents, here in the U.S.


Campbell B. said...

Personally I just wanted a family. I didn't need a wealthy family, just a family that loved me. Any westernized country would be okay with me.

Sunday said...

Campbell B,
I was going to say Saudi but I didn’t because I thought of you! But seriously how about Japan they have a higher per capita avg. income than we do how about there? I think people talk about bringing other people’s kids over her because they feel like we are superior. And no I wouldn’t have the Swiss adopting , but…

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