Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will You Wednesday: Children Aren't Puppies (revisited)

She is right, there really are NO words!   Will You Wednesday: Children Aren't Puppies (revisited)


darev2005 said...

And they take a heck of a lot more newspaper to train! Both on the floor and rolled up. The next time I'm crazy enough to try either, I'm going to buy an all plastic house and invest in a cattle prod.

Anonymous said...

This is from that child dumping--oops, adoption disruption--website, right? Awful. And these diagnoses sound bizarre.

Sunday said...

darev2005 - I have a very small dog with a very small bladder and I have one still in diapers, you may have something with the plastic house idea!

osolomama – I am not sure where on earth she got this. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by stuff like this; it is not so different than my experience. I see absolutely no parental responsibility whatsoever. The poor kid sounds like she has been diagnosed and medicated with everything under the sun. It looks like instead of saying oops, I guess that was the wrong diagnosis, they just keep adding new ones. But hey, what do I know...

I think it is interesting the Amom mentions that they now have a baby; I bet that has nothing to do with anything. I hope people who dump their kids are automatically disqualified to adopt ever again!

Sunday said...

“To potential adoptive parents: CHASK's ministry is birth parent focused. This means we are more interested in helping birth moms or adoptive parent finding out God's will for their (and their child's) life. If you are seeking to add a child to your home, minus the ministry aspect, then CHASK is not the right situation for you.”


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