Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Tragic Result of a Failure to Act

Angellika Arndt
Some of you may have read the guest post I did for SweetButterBliss about “therapeutic restraint”, so you may know that this subject is one very close to my heart.  Please take a moment and read Dr. Jean Mercer’s post When Restraint Should Be "Prescription Only", this is a very important issue in the adoption, foster care worlds and children’s rights in general.  

“Deaths like Angellika’s are a rare but very possible result of the use of physical restraint by professional caregivers whose actions are poorly supervised and regulated, and whose training has been superficial. Given a powerful weapon to control children who are annoying them, they deploy it at once rather keeping it as a safety measure. Indeed, their constant resorting to restraint serves to exacerbate children’s mood problems, to increase resistance, and to limit the cognitive ability the child can bring to bear on a problem. Torturing the child by repeated threats and demands for impossible levels of compliance, they pave the way for a response that ends in death.”
The report by Disability Rights Wisconsin - A Tragic Result of a Failure to Act  The Death of Angellika Arndt

The use of physical restraint needs to be regulated. This. Must. Stop! 

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