Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had a raging headache so I went to lay down for a minute when Mad got home.  CoCo came in to check on me, I said “What’s on your face CoCo?”   
She said “Nuttin!”
That’s right she said “NOTHING”. 
“Hey Mad, come here for a second, tell me what’s wrong…”  Blank 12 year old look… “Um, her face?” 
“Oh, that?  …that is her crayon ‘make-up’.”  
“And you watched her do it?”  
“Well, kind of” shrug. 
Carry on.

CoCo is totally potty trained now.  She has only wet the bed twice in the past month, unfortunately both times it was after she got out of her bed and crawled into mine.  I told her she had it backwards, she is supposed to pee in her bed and THEN get in MINE.  Needless to say, she is back to sleeping in pull-ups…for my sake.  

My kids wear, size 3,5 and 10, as I was folding clothes and trying to figure out who’s undies belonged to whom, I realized that they were all size 2/3, 4, 6 and 8.  No wonder my 12 year old is having a heard time concentrating in class…she has a permanent weggie.

Does anybody have any idea where all of my teaspoons and salad forks go?  And while we are at it, how about the matches to all of the gloves, mittens and to those 100 solo of sox I have in a basket on my dresser?

Don’t even start me on the pony tail holders and barrettes (which I but in bulk), these things are not disposable people!

So apparently today I am not ‘So mean that I could be the boss of the whole world’ (shucks) because some how we managed to get through Wednesday night without Amélie’s usual daddy has been gone for 3 days melt down, I am not sure if that is really a good thing or bad, I guess she is finely getting used to him being away so much. 

I’m not.       

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