Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dangerous Myth of the Inherently Damaged Child

I had heard about Dr. Phil's show featuring a Russian Adoptee, but hadn't seen it until Jay at Bad adoptee posted the video.

Is it just me or is any “punishment” that begins with an adult telling a child to “get undressed right now!” WAY off limits?  

This is one of the major problems with misinformation and misunderstanding what attachment and attachment issues are really about. The common misconception that attachment is the root of all “evil” when dealing with fostered and adoptive children and that attachment = obedience, is putting already traumatized children at greater risk of abuse.

I did not see a detached child in that clip; I saw a child who was screwed no matter what he did or said.

This is why the myths about RAD are so dangerous!

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