Thursday, January 27, 2011

I need a break.

Mad is still has home work she hasn’t turned in.  WTH?  She does it and then either leaves it at home or worse takes it to school and STILL manages to forget to turn it in.  Worse yet her tests and what she manages to turn in are mostly A’s.  I have a whole new crop of grey hair since Christmas break.  I’ll be glad to be done with 12, 13 HAS to be better…Right?

I blew Ammé’s hair dry today and all afternoon CoCo wanted her hair ‘bowtie’ and  walked around saying “Blow ME now, Blow ME!!!”  Obviously I figured it was best not to leave the house with that one in tow. 

And to top it off Ammé ran into the corner of the wall going into the hall way.  She had a huge goose-egg within seconds, thankful I got ice and Arnica on it right away.  It doesn’t looks so bad now.  I took a picture of it to show dad, she looked at it and “Oh Man!!! That looks like it hurts!!!”  Um…well…it is your head…you should know. 

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