Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Nod And Move On!

Of all things!  I came in from shopping, my family was “starving”, and so before I did any thing including taking off my coat I turned on the oven washed the potatoes and quickly popped them in the oven.  Wouldn’t you know…the top of the oven melted a hole in my only winter coat.  

My black down coat, luckily (I guess) the shell was two layers, so it only burned the outer black one and left the inner white liner containing the feathers in tact. Instead of a useless coat with feathers spewing out of it I have a very “useful” black down coat with a very obvious white hole on the right sleeve.  

Not much inspires me to tears, I am ashamed to say, it was more than I can take!  

Sure I can break my wrist and barely even notice.  I can find out my toddler does in fact have brain damage, and I can relegate those tears to one day and move on.  My husband can take off to Alaska leaving me alone with three kids for three months on two days notice and I can pop a couple of Xanax and deal.  I can be a single, working, homeschooling mother 5 days a week for months on end, cause I am built like that.

I can sacrifice.  When I make grilled cheese and somebody has to end up with the heals, its me, cause that is how it is supposed to be.  (It used to be CoCo because she didn’t know the difference, but her older sisters ruined that one for me.)  I haven’t gotten my eye brows done in so long I am beginning to bare a striking resemblance to Freda Kahlo.  OK, I can sacrifice; I am a mom that is my job. 

But the thought of wearing a coat with a gaping hole in the sleeve is more than I can stand.  The only thing more embarrassing would wearing a coat with black electrical tape on the sleeve (Mr. Sunday’s brilliant solution).  So if you see me on the street just ignore my tear stained face, don’t expect me to wave, don’t offer me your hand to shake. I will be walking around with my arm behind my back (ala Napoleon), so you will not see my shame…Just nod your salutations and move on.   

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