Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Must Stop!

More on the use of restraint, this is a video featured in the Huffington post  Child In City Custody Has Arm Broken By Staff (VIDEO) I am hoping that because there seems to be some real discussion about the use of physical restraint on kids in foster care that we as a society are coming into a new understanding of children’s right and that we will no longer tolerate these unwarranted assaults on children just because they are unwanted, thrown away, adopted, emotionally challenged, autistic or have other special needs and or are in foster care or the juvenile justice system.  It is inexcusable to physically attack a child throw them down on the ground and kneel on him, let alone break their arm when they were NOT being combative!  Really, there is NO EXCUSE! 

For a parents perspective please check out Lee’s post at Families R Built With Love.  About how she and her wife were advised to use “therapeutic restraint” on her autistic son, how that worked for them and her feelings on it now.  I found it very thoughtful and honest. 

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