Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are We Being Heard?

"Author: Michelle
"We also need to keep that dialogue respectful, regardless of whether we are criticizing our neighbor, a fellow blogger, or some anonymous woman on YouTube."
If we keep the dialogue respectful then we may be listened to... we may even plant a seed of change. As a mother I am listening, changing and growing all of the time. Practices I frowned upon in my 20's (e.g. extended breastfeeding) are practices I value in my 40's - I didn't come to this change all in one go, but through conversations, studies I have read, blogs etc. maybe someone planted a seed (or several) and gradually I changed the way I thought. If the people I talked to about this were rude or disrespectful in their opinions, then I am sure I would not have listened."

I think that this is something we all need to bare in mind, whether we are talking about parenting, child welfare, politics or what ever… when we speak in a voice that can not be heard by the ones who need to hear it most WE HELP no one!   We inspire NO CHANGE. 

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