Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood – Kinship Care

November is National Awareness Month, I have mentioned adoption as one as one solution for foster kids, I have asked “would you have rather grown up in an orphanage?”  Today I am highlighting kinship care as an alternative to foster care.

Please meet Laynie from My Sweeter Chaos, a single mom of 3, doing what all of us waifs say we’d like to see more of.  She has taken on the responsibility of raising her two traumatized cousins.  All of us who have experienced loss and trauma it is not easy on children.  It is not easy on those who try to do the right thing, and step up and try to help, either.

Let us as a community all, (first moms, adoptive moms, former fosters, and adoptees) put our virtual arms around this mom and support her as she supports her kids.  


Linda said...

Wow. The world needs more Laynies!!! Thank you, Laynie!

Cassi said...

I agree with Linda - we need more Laynies!

A few years back, our family, extended and all, had to fight CPS in Montana so that my cousin's baby daughter (rightfully removed from her care at that time) could remain within the family. Our aunt finally was given custody and raised her for three years until her parents straightened themselves out and she was become more of the "families" little girl than anything else.

But I know those years were difficult and full of up and downs for my aunt. But she loved her and, like Laynie, was willing to do anything for her to make her feel safe and loved.

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