Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes It Sucks To Be Proven Right

Today I am having a day…

Today I was proven right, in black and white.  

And I am not the least bit happy about not being a neurotic, hyper-vigilant, overly involved, overly concerned and overly anxious mother.  Today I know my gut, my instincts and my intuition were right all along and it sucks!  

Sometimes it would be better to be wrong.

* This post is a part of my National Adoption Awareness Month, a post every day in November campaign, to remind perspective adoptive parents that there are 140,000 kids for whom family preservation is not an option, who through no fault of their own are currently available for adoption in the U. S. foster care system, right here in our own back yard.  If you are considering adoption please consider adopting a foster child or becoming a foster parent.  It could change a child’s life.

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