Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Wild Ride

Malinda at ADOPTIONTALK posted this article

While on one hand it is good to see a realistic perspective on the truth about adoption, I was a little stunned that it kind of left the kids who are in foster care flapping in the wind again labeled as damaged goods and pretty hopeless.

Here is the comment I left on the article:

 Oh, my I am not sure how to react to this article.  As a 40 something former foster child, I agree that dealing with foster children is not all “sweetness and light.”  However, as some one who still has a panic disorder and some PTSD, I think that caring for foster children is well worth the effort.

At one point in my life the death poll had me “dead by 21”.  At 42 I am the loving mother of 3 children, wife of my husband, and coach of 60 great kids.  

I was a difficult child that is for sure.  Thankfully there were many adults in my life who were able to see me as “worth the effort”, and their influence made it possible for me to transcend the limitations of my circumstances and become the person I am today.
The other thing about articles is that they give Perspective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) the impression that international adoption and infant adoption are less risky.  There are no guarantees with children…whether you bore them yourself or bought them out-right.  If you need an issue free child…you should not be trying to parent anyone!

* This post is a part of my National Adoption Awareness Month, a post every day in November campaign, to remind perspective adoptive parents that there are 140,000 kids for whom family preservation is not an option, who through no fault of their own are currently available for adoption in the U. S. foster care system, right here in our own back yard.  If you are considering adoption please consider adopting a foster child or becoming a foster parent.  It could change a child’s life.


Von said...

So agree!

Just Me said...

You need a LIKE button!

Kim Watt said...

I so agree!

Ericka said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but so glad i did.....we are parenting a 7 year old from disruption:
intl adoption very young, with her family for six years....
I do agree with the author in that we have to hold on to those fleeting moments of hope because we know the 'down' ride will be coming very soon after.
My only hope is what you convey: my kid will someday see she is 'worth the effort' and lead a productive (?) life.

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