Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Bye National Adoption Awareness Month

This has been one long month!

I had no idea going into National Adoption Awareness Month that it was going to be so looong!  Race, religion, genocide, human trafficking, pre-birth matching, pass out cards, 40% off clearance sales, Hague Convention, zealots…

The message I would like to get out is that there are 1400,000 kids in the foster care system that need permanent homes.  They need support, time, honesty and respect. 

All kids come with some issues, but the ones foster kids come with are no more insurmountable than their international counterparts and apparently more attractive competition by any means.   

I have read a lot of great posts this month and I would like to thank al of my readers and my fellow post a day bloggers:

I don’t think I could have done it with out you!
If I left you off please let me know, I am running on fumes.
(I swear my oldest has whooping cough, neither of us has slept in days, but after hours in urgent care prescriptions for antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine, I am hopeful tonight will be better for both of us.)

* This post is a part of my National Adoption Awareness Month, a post every day in November campaign, to remind perspective adoptive parents that there are 140,000 kids for whom family preservation is not an option, who through no fault of their own are currently available for adoption in the U. S. foster care system, right here in our own back yard.  If you are considering adoption please consider adopting a foster child or becoming a foster parent.  It could change a child’s life.


Linda said...

I am so proud of you!! It really was hard! Im really glad I got to know a lot of other bloggers, too!! You rock, sister!

Sunday said...

GIRL!!!! You know I have trouble with commitments! Seriously, you have done a great job this month and I appreciate all of your support.

Von said...

You did a fantastic job, especially that last one!!! Thanks for the mention, really appreciated.
Nothing like a well placed dose of codeine to make someone feel better!Hope all are well quickly.

Sunday said...

…And thank you for the link!!! I had that last post rattling around for a few days, and I was struggling to get it out on the blog the way it was in my head! Lol! I am glad I found the Malcolm X videos talking about his name and history being stolen; it is cool to see him say all of things I had read on paper (well after his death), when I was a kid.

...maybe mommy has a cough now too???!!! LOL!

a Tonggu Momma said...

You are so right that the issues of foster kids are no more insurmountable than those of children adopted internationally. Any child who has lived through institutionalization or frequent life changes will probably struggle, whether they be overseas or here in the US. But time, love, prayer and sometimes professional help can make a world of difference for ALL of these kids.

Sunday said...

TM, that is my point it seems like some PAPs think international adoption is somehow lower risk. Where there is abandonment, instability in care givers and institutionalization, there are going to be children with changeling issues. Leading or allowing PAPs to believe any different only hurts the children who will be in there care.

No child comes with guarantees but they are ALL worthy of love and compassion.

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