Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stretching My Limits

Not Me (but I am sure I looked JUST like that!)
I love what I do for work these days…I coach gymnastics.

I have loved the sport since I was a kid and my friends and I would do split contests – I always won. To this day I can’t pass a curb with hopping up and doing a little beam routine, maybe a little relevé walk, an arabesque, split jump and tuck jump dismount, not much I am in my 40’s. My own children find it amusing and the older two are afflicted with the same urge for balance, but then we are cut from the same cloth, after all.

Today my gym kids were having a hard time with a beam skill so I hopped up and did it to show them. They all gasped. “How can YOU do that?” I am as old or older than most of their mothers.

Then over on floor I have one kid who just can’t open her shoulders enough to kick her bridge over. I am trying to explain and I am just getting a blank look, you know the one our kids give us when they just don’t “get it”.

“Like this” I say as I pop u in to a bridge.
“Your shoulders are like this, they need to be like this” I say as I put my feet together and straighten my leg and push my shoulders open.

Am I bragging? No, that was as wise as having Madonna lead your bible study. I am sitting at home slathered in arnica snuggled up to several hot / rice socks and wondering what I was thinking and wondering if I’m gonna be able to get out of bed in the morning!


Anastasia said...

But it's still pretty amazing and I give you bragging rights.

Campbell said...

Ouch aww haha

It ain't bragging if you can do it!

Lee said...

You get props from me too. Also if you don't mind, I have a gymnastics question that I would love to run by you as my youngest is involved in a program. My background is dance (though I always loved gymnastics when we did that session in PE; it was the only time I didn't look pathetic!) But would you mind emailing me Thanks so much and hope I am not being pushy! :-)

Jen said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting. I've caught up on most of your story. Unbelieveable! There are so many "sides" to reliquishment. Thanks for sharing.

Von said...

Onya girl!! Impressive!

Sunday said...

Ha-ha, you guys, I can actually move today, I was worried!

Lee I sent you an email, I don’t mind at all. I also have a contact form on one of my tabs.

Jen, I know right, Child abandonment the gift that keeps giving…generation after generation.

Tammy said...

Once, every spring, I do a front handspring on the playground for my students...They can't believe I can do it either...

Sunday said...

@ Tammy I do round-offs, hand/head stands, and monkey around on the beam a bit. I was actually on the big wedge mat and briefly contemplated kicking over, but my 40 year old brain kicked in at the last minute and said “ARE YOU F’ING NUTS???!!!??”

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