Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

This is my superfluous Thanksgiving what we are grateful for post.

My DH is not playing along – at all.

As I walked out the door to go to Sam’s Club today I asked the kids to please pick up everything off the floor and put it away while I was gone so I could mop.  I arrived home to discover a miracle had occurred in my absence.  Not only had the toys been picked up, but Mad had swept the whole house!  (I am also grateful that I can flush the toilet now.)

When Mad saw me with the Thanksgiving dinner fixings she said “Thank god we get to stay home for Thanksgiving this year!”  (Yeah, I agree)

I asked Amélie what she was grateful for and she said “Christmas”.  She is totally psyched; she has made 3 different lists today alone.   

CoCo keeps saying “Kiss-miss Sunday, ammalow….I eat pie a Santa’s hows!”  Wouldn’t that be great we could just do Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in one day, all we would have to do to make CoCo happy is eat pie.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and mine!  

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Von said...

Of course to you in your time of celebration, we don't go there of course but watch from afar with wonder and occasional amusement!

Sunday said...

Thank you Von, and have a happy Thursday!

Campbell B. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday!

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