Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Are The Chances, 1, 2, Maybe 3 in a Million?

Six years, one miracle baby, 20 eggs, a couple scares and few miscarriages later we decided we should be done playing Russian roulette with my life.    No sooner than we decide that my husband would get snipped, I was pregnant again.  Not another ectopic pregnancy and after 3 months we realized that we may just end up with another miracle.

Our second miracle Amélie was born on our 12 wedding anniversary. 

After I was done nursing my second miracle for a few months and again my husband and I decided it was time to make the appointment which apparently caused his sperm count to immediately skyrocket once again.  We should have known better than to have THAT conversation over a glass of wine, with the kids away for the night.

My water broke while we were on the phone receiving the news that my father in law had just passed away, and CoCo was born the next day, in a great deal of distress and a very deep shade of purple.  Her cord had been wrapped around her neck and leg several times.  That she is here with us and not much worse for wear after all she has been through is another miracle all together.  

While I love miracles as much as the next guy, I made arrangements to get me fixed as soon as I got home from the hospital.  

I am holding out hope that my next miracle comes in the form of a winning lottery ticket, baby needs a new pair of shoes.

* This post is a part of my National Adoption Awareness Month, a post every day in November campaign, to remind perspective adoptive parents that there are 140,000 kids for whom family preservation is not an option, who through no fault of their own are currently available for adoption in the U. S. foster care system, right here in our own back yard.  If you are considering adoption please consider adopting a foster child or becoming a foster parent.  It could change a child’s life.


Amy Koffron said...

Madeline, Amelie and Cossette (Coco) are the sweetest little miracles I know. LOVE 'EM like crazy!

Tammy said...

Seriously.....Crying at my desk in a class full of 6th graders....

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